Privacy Statement

International Publishing & Sales bv uses IP addresses to analyze trends, manage the site, track user movements for internal use. IP addresses have nothing to do with personal information. International Publishing & Sales bv holds IP addresses related to visitors’ statistics.


International Publishing & Sales bv does not store any temporary or permanent cookies on your computer. (A cookie is a file placed by a Web server on the hard drive of your computer so that you can be identified at any visit. This file may contain personal information).

Personal Information in order to send newsletters via email to you, some details are required, as of course, your e-mail address, your name and your organization. The same applies to the transmission of white papers, case studies, and / or best practices.


International Publishing & Sales bv adopts all security measures to protect the personal information of its users. Upon completing your personal information on our site, the information will be protected both offline and online. All user information is confidential. Servers where personal user and / or identification information is stored are located in a secure location.

Privacy policy

„Personal data” are unique identifiable information on an identified or identifiable individual („the data subject”) relating to the name, address, personal identification number, IP or telephone number, an online identifier, or one or more specific elements that are physically, physiologically, genetically, psychically, economically, culturally or socially identifiable.

Every time we request your personal information, we will explain the purpose for which we need it, where we keep your data and who has access to it. Of course, we inform you that whenever you want, we give you the information we hold about you and of course we will delete it if you ask for it.

What personal data do we collect and why do we collect them?

  • When you visit the website, leaving behind personal data by signing in a form or a request, or leaving behind your data at one of our offices.
  • When you do have a business relationship with Risk & Compliance Platform Europe.

What is the legal basis for processing these data?

  • We collect your personal data in order inform you about services of Risk & Compliance Platform Europe after you have left behind your contact details.

What is the purpose of collecting data and how do we use your personal information?

  • We collect your personal data in order to be able to send you our newsletter at your request or inform you about upcoming events organized by Risk & Compliance Platform Europe, after you have signed up a form, for instance for receiving a white paper or information about an educational program, or leaving behind a comment at our website or otherwise via Social Media agreed to be involved in the Risk & Compliance Europe community.

Retention period of the data

  • Risk & Compliance Platform Europe will keep your personal data not longer than the period that is necessary to fulfill the purpose of collecting the personal data.

To whom we are transferring personal data?

  • We are transferring personal data in case we are obliged to do so by the Romanian National Law or a Romanian Court decision.
  • We also can transfer some personal data to third parties, for instance suppliers of white papers at our website, after you have requested the download of the white paper.

What rights do you have as the target person?

  • The protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data is a fundamental right. Article 8 (1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union („the Charter”) and Article 16 (1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) provide for the right of every person to the protection of personal data.