30 Nov

SARs Webinar


SARs Webinar: ‘When more isn’t enough’ on the 30th November between 9-10 am GMT to hear our expert panel discuss SARs, common challenges and practical responses to these.

Speakers : Ian Mynot, National Crime Agency (NCA), Head of UK Financial Intelligence Unit and Ivich Hoffman, ABN AMRO, Financial Crime Innovation & Design Lead to our discussion with Andy McDonald, EFI’s expert adviser on SARs, Jayne Newton, EFI Director of Regulatory Expertise and Jeff Bateman, EFI Director of Operations.

In addition to getting up to date with NCA developments, we will also be discussing what a group of five Dutch banks are doing to collectively combat money laundering and terrorist financing known as the Transaction Monitoring Netherlands (TMNL) initiative. In addition, we will be sharing some practical insights on how to improve the quality and process around SARs.

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